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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

64GB and 128GB SDXC Cards Offer Crazy Storage, Crazy Price

Some of us are still bumming around with old Class 2 SD cards, but Lexar’s newest Class 10 SDXC (eXtended capacity) cards are about to make those old memory units look hilariously outdated. Lexar’s SDXC cards offer a minimum transfer speed of 133x (160 MB/s read, 20MB/s write), which is important when you consider the 64GB and 128GB storage capacities. That’s a ton of storage for a tiny SD card, but that capacity comes with a heavy price. Only professional photographers need apply when the Lexar SDXC cards touch down in Q1 2011 for $399.99 and $699.99.

The 64GB and 128GB SDXC cards will be great for shooting 1080p video, but are they worth the price? We’re scared to even think about how much those 2TB SDXC cards are going to cost.

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