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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Report: Sony PSP2 Announcement Set for January 27

For the handheld gaming market, 2011 is looking an awful lot like 2004. The Nintendo DS and Sony PSP both debuted at the tail end of 2004 and charged full steam ahead into 2005. The DS relied on a novel concept: two screens. The PSP relied on a more powerful processor, a nicer screen, and more advanced multimedia capabilities. And now it’s set to happen all over again: Nintendo is readying the 3DS for launch, and Sony is reportedly preparing to announce launch details for the PSP2 on January 27.

Just like last time, the 3DS is launching with something new for a handheld--autostereoscopic 3D--while the PSP2 promises an HD screen and will supposedly pack the power of the PS3. Will that powerful processor help Sony’s second portable outdo its predecessor to become the best-selling handheld of 2011?

MCV reports that the powerful PSP2 will launch in Q4 of 2011, but the January 27 announcement in Tokyo may give gamers a reason to wait the long months between the 3DS launch and the PSP2’s release. The next PSP will feature dual analog sticks and use physical media rather than digital downloads.

Expect the announcement at the end of January to tease upcoming PSP games and built hype for the portable’s release.

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