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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trick On How To Send Bold & Underline Text In Facebook Chat

People try to learn more and more facebook tricks so that they can amuse their friends.Well today I am going to teach you a cool facebook chat trick that most of the people are unaware of that is how to send bold and underlined text in facebook chat.This trick doesnot require any technical knowlege and it can be used by using just simple codes
Now here are the facebook codes for sending bold and underlined text in facebook chat.

For Sending Bold Text

whatever you type between * *(two stars ) will automatically turns into bold.
Example : You write
I *really* mean it.
Turns to
I really mean it.

For sending underlined Text

Whatever you type between _ _(two underscores) will automatically turns into underlined text
Example: You write
I really _mean_ it.
Turns to
I really mean it.

For writing Bold+Underline

Whatever you type between *_ _* will automatically turns into Bold+Underline
You *_mean_* it?
Turns to
You mean it?

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