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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mozilla and Microsoft Spar Over Definition of "Modern" Browsers

Microsoft is quite proud of their new IE9 Release Candidate, which came out last week and was promptly downloaded more than 2 million times. But their browsing rival Mozilla claims that the RC, though definitely an improvement, isn’t something to brag about—in fact it’s not even a “modern” browser. Now, the Firefox team talking trash about Internet Explorer is a bit like Pepsi critiquing Coke, since Microsoft’s product is still the top line on any worldwide usage chart. But the post could amount to more than one competitor needling another. If IE isn’t keeping up, are they holding the web back?

Let’s look at the IE9 criticisms, and how Mozilla and Microsoft define “modern.”

The post by Mozilla’s Paul Rouget takes his rival to task on a number of technical issues, most notably its support for HTML5. Rouget points out that, while IE9 can handle things like

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