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Saturday, May 28, 2011

How To Create Ad Hoc Networks

Ad Hoc Networks


To create a new ad hoc network open Control Panel then Network Connections, or double click on the wireless icon in the system tray (by the clock).

Click on the Wireless Network tab then the add button.

A new window will appear. Give your network a name, and check the two boxes near the bottom.

Click OK to close that window and OK again. If you try to View Wireless Networks, your changes may not be saved, so make sure to click OK first.

Your ad hoc network is all set up now!


Open Network Connections (via Control Panel or the wireless icon) and select View Wireless Networks. The following window will appear.

You should see the ad hoc network as a computer-to-computer network. You may have to refresh the list.
Click on the network then the Connect button near the bottom. It may take a minute or two to aquire a network address.

If you don't see your network, you may have to change settings to only connect to ad hoc networks.
Click on Change advanced settings. On the new window, click on the Wireless Networks tab, then advanced.

Select the third radio button and click Close, then OK.
Open Network Connections again, and follow the steps above to connect to the network.

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